Practical Learning

Our Students are well trained and prepared for the industry

Learning in the field.

Its important for you to be there.

Its important to add the visual sense to the learning process for our students, we redefine the meaning of Field Trips. Our students get to  put theory into action as they shift from the classroom to the field. Being there is only half of it, they get to interact with Mining experts on site, get to ask questions and see machinery in action, leaving a lasting visual of the concepts they learn in the classroom.

Learning in the Field — And Making It Fun

Why Field Trips Are Invaluablefor our students.

It’s not an overstatement to say that this is a life-changing experience for these students. In equal measure, they are emboldened and gain resolve in their choices, that their desired career path is the right one for them, and gain valuable insight from other our alumni who have gone on to become mining engineering experts.