Diploma in Mine Survey


Mine Surveying is a specialist area of the mining process. Mine surveyors measure underground and open-cut mines in detail, helping mining companies locate new mines safely. Engineering surveyors work on construction and infrastructure projects to ensure challenging building specifications are met.

Zimbabwe School of Mines offers the only comprehensive diploma in mine survey in Southern Africa. In this course, you will develop skills in marking out, measuring and maintaining direction for all surface and underground workings on a mine site. You’ll also learn how to prepare and update mine surveying plans for open-pit and underground operations.

This course prepares you with the appropriate practical experience for operational management as a mine surveyor.


The Diploma will be awarded to candidates who have successfully completed the course and passed examinations in accordance with the ZSM Regulations.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply advanced survey technological skills in both surface and underground operations.
  • Manage mine operations using Geographic Information Systems skills.
  • Design and locate mine infrastructure taking cognizance of environmental issues
  • Demonstrate patriotism to various issues.
  • Demonstrate a critical and logical and objective approach to problem solving at the work-place.
  • Demonstrate Patriotism
  • Demonstrate a critical, logical and objective approach to problem solving at the work place; and
  • Implement health and safety at the work place.


Graduates with the Diploma in Mining can be employed as Mining Technologists or Production Managers or Planners in;

  • Mining houses.
  • Survey related industries.
  • Entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Consultancy.

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Course Atributes

Total Course Duration: 3 Years

Entry Requirements: 5 O-Levels including English Language, Mathematics and a Science Subject

Course Level:  Diploma

Mode of Study:  Conventional or Blended