Advanced Certificate in

Drilling And Blasting


This program is run by the mining department and is designed to help students develop an understanding, of various drilling methods, understand their relationship to geology, and their application in the field. It aims to equip drilling and blasting practitioners, engineers, supervisors, managers and related functions to conduct rock breaking operations such that maximum technical and economic value is created. The course includes skills for explosive product selection and blast pattern design according to field conditions and expected rock fragmentation. There is a strong emphasis on safe working practices and procedures for blasting in a surface mine and on construction projects  Students will gain an understanding of the different applications and classifications of drill rigs and compatible components so they can apply and demonstrate a working knowledge of the different drilling systems and techniques. They  will understand the various factors affecting the safe, efficient operation of various drilling systems.


At the conclusion of this course, students will receive a Zimbabwe School of Mines certificate as testimony of their hard work and acquired skills gained during their learning experience.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate and optimize blast performance and productivity improvement
  • Develop the documentation of safe blasting procedures
  • Avoid dangerous procedures, design flaws and common blasting mistakes
  • Reduce drilling and blasting cost by using realistic estimates and techniques
  • Manage flying rocks and other hazards associated with blasting operation
  • Limit vibration levels in accordance with existing rules and regulations
  • Control costs by managing risk


  • Blast engineer
  • Drill and blast supervisors
  • Tunneling engineers

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Total Course Duration: 10 Days

Target Audience: Drilling and blasting practitioners, Engineers, Supervisors, Mine Managers

Course Level: Certificate