Zimbabwe School Of Mines

Serving the SADC mining industry

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General Mandate

To administer the resources of the institution in a prudent and professional manner and provide management services that will propel growth and development.

Human Resources

The department appoints professionals who competently perform their duties in a deligent manner and continuously conducts staff training and development programmes that keep all ZSM personnel at par with improving technology.

Support Services

The department provides logistical support services that include secretarial services, purchasing, general house keeping work and 24 hour security services covering the school assets and students. The department has a luxury coach that provides transport to and from the city centre everyday.
Student welfare
Providing accommodation, catering and sporting facilities to students. 


  • To provide adequate sporting activities
  • To participate in local and regional competitions and leagues for both students and staff members
  • To be associated with sporting associations around the country.
  • To provide adequate sporting facilities – equipment, grounds and trainers.


  • Continue providing counseling services
  • Provide recreational and religious activities

Health committee

  • HIV / AIDS policy for both students and staff.
  • A draft of the policy has to be done by Nov 2012.
  • There is a need to provide health facilities on campus, i.e., a fully equipped clinic with full time staff by 2013.
  • Meanwhile the department is considering engaging a locum doctor as a temporary measure.
  • Life skills module could be taught to all first years during the first semester in the same manner as First Aid.
  • Affiliation to HIV / AIDS support groups and other organizations.
  • The school has cultivated good relations with the National Aids Council and all its affiliates.

These good relations would be maintained as the approach towards HIV / AIDS issues is multi-sectoral

First aid

  • To ingage all first aid providers for training for competitions
  • To send staff members for advanced first aid and train the trainer course.
  • To have women teams participating in the first aid competitions.
  • To make sure all first year students have their first aid certificates before the end of the first semester.
  • To have qualified first aid training team.
  • To provide first aid services to the school.
  • To make sure  safety procedures are followed.