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Mine Ventilation and Environmental Engineering.

Mine Ventilation is an essential discipline of underground hard rock mining. Ventilation seeks to control the flow of air to underground workings in sufficient volumes in order to dilute and remove dust, noxious gasses and as well as regulate heat.

Environmental engineering is the integration of sciences and engineering principles to improve the natural environment, to provide healthy water, air, and environmental conditions suitable for humans working conditions as well as habitation in the mining industry. This course inspires to create a favorable safe working environment, with the principles of accident prevention, identification of hazardous operations and scientific methods and approaches to these accidents.


General Mandate

To develop mine ventilation and environmental engineering technicians with competent skills, knowledge and attitudes of a mine ventilation and environmental engineer.


Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

· Solve mine ventilation and environmental engineering problems.

· Relate heat and thermodynamic principals to ventilation control.

· Apply principals of fluid flow to ventilation systems.

· Install and maintain electrical ventilation machines.

· Develop ventilation plans and layouts using mine survey principals.

· Utilize ventilation system management in ventilation planning, design and implementation.

· Employ environmental management and protection principals in the design and location of mine infrastructure.  


Mining Ventilation department ranks amongst the best equipped mining laboratories in the region with state of the art equipment in ventilation and as well as highly ranked professional, experienced and qualified staff to take you through the courses. The schools spectacle array of excellence is unarguable amongst all mine houses within the region and boasts of both regionally and internationally proven graduates. Locally, the school is an anchor to the steadily growing Mining Industry.


National Certificate in mine ventilation and environmental engineering (1 Year):

· Introduction to Mining Practice

· Ventilation Practices

· Mine and Survey Drawing

· Engineering Mathematics and Applied Mechanics

· Introduction to Computers

· Basic Communication

· National and Strategic Studies

· Entrepreneurship Skills Development

· Industrial Hygeine


Equipment Available

•   Drager Pumps.

•             Drager gas monitors.

•             Vane anemometers.

•             Hot wire anemometers.

•             Data logging sound level Dosimeters.

•             Stroboscopes.

•             Kestrels.

•             Heat stress meters.