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A geological technician is a person trained in the science of rocks and minerals, their arrangement and composition.

General Mandate

The geology department trains competent, innovative, hands-on, practically -oriented, computer literate geological and rock mechanics technicians for mining and exploration geology.

The department offers balanced practical training based on hands on field work.

The Exploration Geological Technician is involved in:
  • the exploration and discovery of new mineral deposits
  • geological mapping using satellite imagery and aerial photographs
  • taking samples for analysis by the geochemist or analyst
  • producing maps showing the different lothologies within an exploration target
The Mining Geological Technician is involved in:
  • ensuring that the extraction of minerals in a deposit is done efficiently and completely
  • assessing the ore’s body value and size
  • monitoring the grade of ore mined
  • predicting and locating new ore resources/reserves
  • ensuring sound ground control management.

Structure of the Training Program

The training program is a three (3) years program. First and third years are characterised by intensive lectures on campus whereas second year, students go on industrial attachment called on the job training.

Course Highlights

Geology department has produced highly qualified Geology Technicians that
are already in managerial positions regionally. The department is equipped with
modern state of the art laboratory, equipment as well as highly
trained staff.

National Diploma Geology Courses

First year
  • Mineralogy and Petrology
  • Mine Geology
  • Structural Geology Methods and Field mapping  Soils, Environment Geology and Hydrology
  • Mine Survey
  • National Strategic Studies
  • Entrepreneurial Development Skills
  • Computer Applications
  • Research Methods
Second Year
  • On -Job training

Third Year

  • Economic Geology
  • Rock Mechanics and Ground Control
  • Mine Valuation and Economics
  • Exploration Geochemistry and Geophysics
  • Environmental Management and Protection
  • Mine Management
  • Project

Available Equipment

  • Stereo Scopes
  • Magnetometers
  • Geo-pulse (Ground resistivity Kit)
  • Petrological Microscopes
  • Compasses
  • Rock samples and Mineral Samples
  • GPS

The person should be prepared to go underground the mine and have interest in geological soft ware.