Zimbabwe School Of Mines

Serving the SADC mining industry

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General Mandate

To produce highly versatile and technological compliant hands on graduate that meets the international standards

The division is committed to work towards achieving the vision through:-

Academic Study

  • Continuous review, design and upgrading of curriculum so that it is relevant to Industry’s needs and meets regional and international standards.
  • Provision of computer literate hands on graduates.
  • Promotion and development of entrepreneurship skills in all courses offered at the school
  • Develop the ventilation and environment engineering curriculum by 2012.
  • Ensure effective running of the internet café.

Distance Learning

  • Production of modern Distance Learning modules
  • To organize, co-ordinate and conduct coaching courses for distance learning candidates.
  • Offering of the National Diploma courses by 2012
  • Offering of the CBM courses by  2012
  • Offering of the Diamond mining ,polishing and cutting courses by  2012


The Department is responsible for providing a conducive, technology driven and superior service in research material and methodology to the students, staff and the mining Industry.

Consultancy and support services

  • Consulting and research into various aspects of mining, metallurgy, survey and geology by undertaking feasibility studies, operations and safety audits, test work, survey work and environmental impact assessments.
  • Providing support services to industry through the establishment of a mine data service center, mine rescue stop etc.

Staff development

  • Facilitate academic, intellectual and industrial development of academic staff.
  • Encourage publishing of technical papers at different fora.
  • All lecturers to undertake train the trainer course

Examination Administration

  • Localize the examination administration process by 2013.
  • To be a recognized examining body in mining training by 2013.
  • Ensure effective controls for examination handling are put in place by 2012.

Academic delivery

  • Insist on high standards of delivery through:-
  • Usage of 2 tests, 2 assignments and 6 practical’s by 2012.
  • Enhance theoretical tuition with planned field trips
  • To ensure all courses respond to the requirements of producing entrepreneurship skilled students by 2012.

Distance learning

Facilitate development of the DLC into a commercial entity through re-investment, manpower support and available resources.
Offer the National Diploma courses on distance learning


  • Installation of a wireless internet facility by 2012.
  • Accreditation of the Metallurgy laboratory.
  • Acquisition of all technological advanced mining software.
  • Promotion of staff development programs.
  • Develop and offer degree courses at ZSM.
  • Promotion of consultancy work for all departments.
  • To continue offering short courses to mines houses as per request.
  • Establish a fully-fledge consultancy and research for various aspects in all departments.